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Dr. Vamasri Cheviri

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Dr. Vamasri Cheviri


General & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Vamasri Cheviri is an enthusiastic, career-oriented, and talented dental professional with profound expertise in dental care processes and procedures.

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Responsibilities encompass a wide range of dental services, including analyzing complete case history, conducting comprehensive general and oral examinations, and formulating accurate treatment plans for her patients. Dr. Vamasri Cheviri skillful hands are well-versed in performing root canal treatments and various tooth restorations using composite resins, GIC, Silver amalgam, and sealants, ensuring optimal outcomes for her patients' dental health.

Furthermore, she actively contributes to oral surgical procedures, providing invaluable assistance and contributing to successful outcomes

Services Offered
  • Teeth Cleaning & Teeth Whitening
  • Fillings & Root Canal Treatments
  • Smile Makeover (Hollywood Smile designing & teeth jewellery)
  • Dental Prosthesis (Crowns, Veneers & Bridges)
  • Paediatric Dentistry
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal & Other Extractions
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